During stress or long concentrated work on the computer, there is occasional twitching of the Eyelids on. Even if it feels like the whole eye is vibrating, from the outside the minimal movement is almost invisible. Most of the time, eyelid twitching is harmless and goes away on its own. Nonetheless, the symptoms are annoying. Especially when this occurs in combination with a feeling of tension in the forehead and a headache. When working on the computer, we intuitively pull our eyebrows together - the glabellar folds appear, also known as frown lines. We run one Botulinum toxin treatment at the corners of the eyes and eyebrows, so that we solve both problems in one session. The nervous twitching stops, the forehead relaxes and the frown lines smooth out again. This therapy helps immediately; but you should also pay due attention to the cause. Taking breaks, drinking enough and getting enough sleep help you through the stressful everyday life. And maybe consider an eye test. 🙂 Stay healthy and enjoy spring.

Photo by Perchek Industrie on Unsplash