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dr Juliane Bodo, specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

dr medical Juliane Bodo studied human medicine at the University of Cologne. During her studies, she did her doctorate in ophthalmology, and she also completed internships in Germany and the USA in various areas of surgery and plastic surgery. After graduating, she first worked as a doctor in internship, then as an assistant doctor in the department for plastic surgery at the Cologne Merheim Hospital, Chair of the University of Cologne. In addition to aesthetic surgery, she has also operated on the entire field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, burn surgery and hand surgery.

From March 2003 to the end of 2004 she worked in the plastic surgery department of the Martin Luther Hospital in Berlin, specializing in breast surgery and aesthetic surgery. In June 2004 she passed her specialist examination for plastic and aesthetic surgery.

She has been self-employed since the beginning of 2005 and works mainly in the field of aesthetic surgery, with a special focus breast augmentation and Wrinkle treatments. dr Juliane Bodo regularly educates himself about the latest techniques and innovations at congresses and by sitting in on renowned colleagues worldwide and can thus guarantee that he is always up to date. Furthermore, she gives lectures at national and international congresses.

Since September 2016, the practice has been located at Schlüterstraße 40, between Olivaer Platz and Kurfürstendamm.

  • Member of the German Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

  • Member of the Society for Aesthetic Surgery Germany
  • Member of the International Society for Aesthetic Medicine
  • Member of the German Society for Botulinum Toxin
  • Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
dr Julian Bodo
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Yvonne Kolb, Management Assistant

Mrs. Kolb is the head of the calendar. If you want an appointment, you can't avoid the multitasking talent. In addition, she organizes all consultation and information appointments for surgical inquiries, is responsible for external communication with the patients and supports the management with administrative tasks. Due to her extensive training, Ms. Kolb is also responsible for CoolSculpting in our clinic.

Tasks: Appointment coordination, clinic organization, communication, coolsculpting.

Karolina Florek, OTA

Karolina is a surgical assistant, i.e. a surgical nurse. Approximately 300 operations are performed in the Plastethics Clinic each year, and despite the routine, each operation must be performed with the utmost concentration and safety. And for that, a top OTA like Karolina is indispensable. Karolina prepares each operation conscientiously with the surgical assistant team and ensures that the doctors can concentrate fully on the patient during the operation. Every move is spot on, everything flows harmoniously together like in a ballet without big words.

Tasks: OTA, supervising instrument preparation, surgical storage

Annett Pelzer, MFA

Annett Pelzer closes the gap in a perfect team. The experienced specialist not only supports the doctors during the consultation hours, but also
personally accompanies the patient from the day of the surgical decision to the last check-up. In addition, she is responsible for ordering the breast implants - a task that does not forgive a single mistake. Her calm and conscientious nature is an asset to the team and the clinic.

Tasks: ordering implants, preparing for surgery, post-op checks, doctor's assistant

Roksana Massoudy-Ghaziar, MFA

Roksana is an MFA / OTA and has been supporting the surgical team since the beginning, she works together with Karolina in the OR. The mother of two sons can't be disturbed, is stress resistant and is always there when you need her.

Tasks: surgical assistant

Sina Schwenzitzki, beautician

Sina Schwenzitzki is the "Wrinkel Prevention Manager" at Plastethics. She is a state-certified beautician and has almost 15 years of professional experience in her field. With her skills, Sina perfectly complements the range of services at the clinic. Our customers can relax under your hands and receive comprehensive advice on the possibilities of conservative wrinkle prevention. Due to her additional qualification, Sina is not only responsible for radio frequency, microdermabrasion and dermapen treatments, but also specializes in lymphatic drainage, GuaSha and other massage techniques. "Before you get fillers you should have Sina!"

Tasks: professional microdermabrasion, GuaSha, Exilis Elite radio frequency treatment, needling, skin care advice

Melina Geishirt, business student

Melina Geishirt is studying health management and gaining the necessary practical experience at the Plastethics Clinic. She supports the management with administrative tasks, but also the medical staff with everyday matters. She is the youngest in the team and therefore the "baby" of the Pastethics family.

Iryna Friedrich, nurse

Iryna Friedrich is responsible for the nightly supervision of the clinic ward. When everyone goes home, Iryna's shift starts. It is a very responsible task and we are happy to be able to win one of the best nurses for us. Her long professional experience gives our patients the good feeling that competent help is there when it is needed.

Tasks: night shifts

Anna Osochenko, nurse

Together with Iryna, Anna is responsible for the night supervision of the clinic ward. She inspires all patients with her lovable nature. She makes tea late or early, always conjures up something from the kitchen if you get hungry and is always there when our patients call her. Anna is a nurse by vocation - we all appreciate that very much.

Tasks: night shifts