Facelift, Brow,ift, liplift, neckilft

10. März 2017
Facelift hands-on training on the University College of Cork, Ireland. ECAMS-European College of Aesthetic Medicine-organized a hands-on training course with the well known Malcom Paul, M.D. from California, USA.
In the… weiterlesen


12. März 2017
Baby-Botox for a youthful and relaxed appearance allowing fluid and natural facial expressions Botox is a verified remedy against wrinkles, leaving us looking better and more relaxed. But many are afraid of a "frozen fac… weiterlesen

Hyaloroun treatment

12. März 2017
Completely new approaches have arisen in the use of fillers for facial rejuvenation. Filing wrinkles with direct injections is no longer necessary: the new approach is based on regenerating volume and stability where the… weiterlesen

MADAME Workshop

22. Oktober 2014
On the weekend there was the exclusive worshop for readers of the magazine MADAME in the beautyful "Hotel zur Bleiche- Spa and resort" in the Spreeforest. Dr. Juliane Bodo, together with her nice collegue from Dresden, D… weiterlesen


19. Oktober 2014
Todays headline in one of Germanys biggest sunday- newspaper: men use more and more Botox! They like to look fresh and more dynamic in their job.
The article refers to an dermatologist in San Francisco, Dr. Matarasso, w… weiterlesen

Breast Augmentation with fat

05. Oktober 2014
Breastaugmentation with own body fat is a good alternativ to breast augmentation with silicon implanats. But it has advantages and disadvantages.
The advantages are:
If you have local adipositas you can treat two probl… weiterlesen