Liposuction Instead of Diet?

2021-09-20T21:53:56+02:0020. September 2021|

Many believe that the problem of corona curves can be eliminated quickly and easily with liposuction. Why bother to work off those extra pounds in lockdown when it can be [...]

Inner bra technique – an old hat reloaded

2021-08-15T17:19:33+02:0015. August 2021|

The breast lift is the most requested breast correction surgery in my clinic after breast augmentation. After pregnancy, with increasing age or after severe weight loss, the breast can lose [...]

You have beautiful hair – with Dermapen

2021-08-15T17:21:41+02:0022. September 2020|

We treat the scalp with microneedling in combination with a hair serum. This serum has ingredients that allow undersupplied hair follicles to regenerate. I personally have thin hair and every [...]

Cosmetics & Drip Spa

2021-08-15T17:39:48+02:0018. June 2020|

Finally - on the first of June we opened the new cosmetic area - just like that, without big fuss. We now offer GuaSha massage, fruit acid peeling and Instant [...]

Update Information about the Corona Virus

2020-03-22T17:41:08+01:0022. March 2020|

Dear patients, the whole team is still there for you. All services are performed taking into account the official requirements. As always, patients will only be received after making [...]

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