Wanted: MFA / doctor's assistant (m/f/d)

13. May 2023|

We are now looking full-time for our clinic: MFA / doctor's assistant (m/f/d) The focus of your task would be organizing the calendar with appointments, organizing consultation hours and supporting the doctors in their daily routine. [...]

Tech Neck - popular neck treatments

24. March 2022|

Elle magazine recently reported on "Tech Neck," naming the impact our constant downward gaze is having on mobile devices. Sagging skin, horizontal lines, [...]

Rapid therapy for eye twitching

24. March 2022|

The eyelid occasionally twitches under stress or during long periods of concentrated work on the computer. Even if it feels like the whole eye is vibrating, from the outside [...]

Drip Spa - Infusions for regeneration

05. October 2021|

Summer is gone, the trees are shining purple and yellow - the cool season is beginning. On the one hand it gets nice and cuddly, on the other hand we get tired faster and a little sluggish. The [...]

Liposuction instead of diet?

14 September 2021|

Many believe that liposuction can quickly and easily eliminate the problem of corona fat. Why struggle to shed the pounds gained in lockdown when it can be so easy [...]

Los Deline – more volume without surgery

August 26, 2021|

Los DelineTM is a gel-like substance that consists of approx. 98 percent water and up to three percent 3D polyamide. The process has actually been known since 2011, [...]

The inner bra - old hat revisited.

August 15, 2021|

After breast augmentation, breast lift surgery is the most popular breast correction surgery in my clinic. After pregnancy, with increasing age or after significant weight loss, the breasts can lose firmness and [...]

Your hair is beautiful - with Dermapen.

22 September 2020|

We treat the scalp with microneedling in combination with a hair serum. This serum has ingredients that help regenerate underserved hair follicles. I have thin hair per se [...]

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