2019-05-02T20:47:23+02:0012. March 2017|

Baby-Botox for a youthful and relaxed appearance allowing fluid and natural facial expressions Botox is a verified remedy against wrinkles, leaving us looking better and more relaxed. But many are [...]

Facelift, Brow,ift, liplift, neckilft

2019-05-02T20:44:48+02:0010. March 2017|

Facelift hands-on training on the University College of Cork, Ireland. ECAMS-European College of Aesthetic Medicine-organized a hands-on training course with the well known Malcom Paul, M.D. from California, USA. In [...]

Hyaloroun treatment

2019-05-02T20:51:17+02:0012. February 2017|

Completely new approaches have arisen in the use of fillers for facial rejuvenation. Filing wrinkles with direct injections is no longer necessary: the new approach is based on regenerating volume [...]

Workshop for threadlifting with Silhouette Soft®

2019-06-03T16:14:39+02:0017. November 2016|

A very successful workshop for doctors on threadlifting in our new clinic location in Schlüterstraße. For about 8 years I have been using this technique as a lifting method and [...]

AMWC 2016 Monaco

2019-05-02T22:04:53+02:0006. April 2016|

From 31.th of March to the 2.nd of April in Monaco once again took the AMWC (Aesthetic Medicine World Conference) place. This year there was a big focus on nutrion. [...]

Annual Conference DGPRAEC 2015

2019-05-02T21:34:03+02:0003. October 2015|

From the 30th of september till the 3rd of october the annual conference of the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructiv and Aesthetic Surgery (DGPRAEC) took place in Berlin. Dr. Bodo [...]

Brazilian Butt Lift

2019-05-02T21:44:17+02:0006. September 2015|

The new trend is a full, round shaped butt, "bubble butt". Like breast augmentation with lipofilling also the butt can be reshaped with fat, the socalled brazilian butt lift. In [...]

Vaginal Rejuvenation

2019-05-02T21:50:46+02:0030. May 2015|

The vaginal rejuvenation is still a subject, a lot of women don´t want to talk about. A reduction of the inner labia (labia minores) is the most commen surgery in [...]

Vampire Lift (PRP)

2019-05-02T21:56:19+02:0012. April 2015|

The latest news in the vampire lift ( better PRP- platelet rich plasma) is that the plasma get mixed wirh hyaluronic acid what gives a much better effect for a [...]


2019-05-02T22:00:38+02:0029. March 2015|

Dr. Bodo and Dr. Wolff went this weekend to the AMWC- Aesthetic Medicine World Conference- the biggest conference for Aesthetic Medicine in Monaco. Botox, Hyalron Fillers, PRP, Needling and lots [...]