The breast lift is the most requested breast correction surgery in my clinic after breast augmentation. After pregnancy, with increasing age or after severe weight loss, the breast can lose firmness and become out of shape. A breast lift (mastopexy) in combination with a silicone implant is often the only way to regain an aesthetic cleavage (mastopexy + breast augmentation surgery). Lately there has been an increasing demand for the use of an “inner bra” for such a combination procedure. The Inner-Bra method has been around since 1989, but currently seems to be experiencing a revival again. Because what ultimately holds the breast in place during every cosmetic procedure is the quality of the patient’s tissue, and the idea of ​​additional supporting tissue is of course seductive. In this method, surgical meshes are placed between the outer, intact skin covering and the depithelialized inner layer. This is intended to maintain the position of the breast gland postoperatively and to facilitate tissue fixation, i.e. the position of the breast. Anyone who has ever worn a strapless or backless bra will suspect that this process will quickly reach its limits. The additional weight of the mesh will stress the breast tissue in the medium term and thwart the tightening effect. In addition, the additional foreign object will increases the risk of complications and can prolong wound healing. For these reasons, I only use such nets for a medical indication (e.g. diseased tissue weakness, abnormal weight loss), if the added value of this method justifies the increased risk of complications.

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