Dr. Bodo and Dr. Wolff went this weekend to the AMWC- Aesthetic Medicine World Conference- the biggest conference for Aesthetic Medicine in Monaco.

Botox, Hyalron Fillers, PRP, Needling and lots more were discussed by an international board of Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists.

There are new products for PRP- plated rich plasma, that are combined with hyaluronic acids, so we can get quicker and better results.

Needling is still a great way to get products into the derper layer of the skin, we got some very good products from an UK company.

And there were some interesting lectures to new thecnologies in injecting Hyaluronic acid and botox with great results, like the liquid lifting.

And our device for radiofrequency we have for skin thigthening and fat melting was introduced with great results.

Come to our office and learn more about the news, we will see what works best for you.