From the 30th of september till the 3rd of october the annual conference of the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructiv and Aesthetic Surgery (DGPRAEC) took place in Berlin. Dr. Bodo as vice-president of the Berlin association had different lectures and Dr. Wolff took part in a lot of interesting sessions. Even our staff Neslihan Barutcu and Kathrin Hentschel came to the “staff-day” and listened to new about hygiene and communication.

Dr. Bodo took part on wednesday already on the live-surgery-session on faceliftig. She showed different technics to face- and threadlifts in the face.

On thursday there was one lecture held by Dr. Juliane Bodo about thread lifts, here over 100 plastic surgeons from all over Germany listened carefully. Thread lift seems to be a new trend. The next lecture of Dr. Bodo was on labia reduction, she showed her results using the radiofrequency knife, which is less painfull afterwards and reduces swelling after the surgery.

On friday Dr. Bodo held a lecture on our BTL Exilis device, we have great results in anti aging and skin thigtening.

Than on saturday Dr.Bodo held a lunch symposium for Sinclair-pharm about Silhouette lift, a special kind of thread lifts.

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