The new trend is a full, round shaped butt, “bubble butt”. Like breast augmentation with lipofilling also the butt can be reshaped with fat, the socalled brazilian butt lift.

In South -America a round full butt was always a symbol for feminity, since JLo or Kim Kardashian everybody now wants a big, full butt.

By liposuction with the WAL ( water-assisted liposuction) the fat tissue does not get destroyed and the cells grow in much better. After Lipocuction the fat get reinjected into the butt by little canulas. We do this procedure mainly on a outpatient base in sedation or full anaesthesia, what you prefer.

It is not really painfull, it feels more like brusing and sore muscles. For 2-3 days you should recover, sports you can start after 2 weeks. All sports you normally do for loosing weight ( running or spinning) you should stop for 6 weeks.

Costs: 5800€ (+/- depending on amount of liposuction)