Facelift hands-on training on the University College of Cork, Ireland. ECAMS-European College of Aesthetic Medicine-organized a hands-on training course with the well known Malcom Paul, M.D. from California, USA.

In the last two days we learned and discussed different technics of facelifting, neck-lift, brow-lift and lip-lift first theoretically and than the following day in a hands on training.

Short-scar-facelift/MACS-lift: this is a great technic for beginning sacking of the skin and jawline. This is possible in just local anesthesia and sedation.
Full Face SMAS-lift: Malcom Paul showed us his technic of the Anterior-SMASlift (Supra Aponeurotic-Muscular System, a very effective lifting technic of the underlying structures in the face for a longer lasting effect. Since we could try it ourselves we noticed that it is a very good and reliable technic and with no risk of nerv-injury when you are in the right level of structures.

Necklift: we talked about different technics of neck- lift, in combination or separated with/from facelift-surgery. Here we addressed more the platysma (muscular system in the neck below the skin) to get a more effective thigtness of the neck

Lip-lift: the best technic to get a long lasting upper lip is the lip-lift. By shortening the distance between the nose and the lip the mouth looks more youthful and the lip looks fuller. This is procedure we can do in local anesthesia or in combination with the face lift.

All together it was a great training with 14 colleagues from 10 different countries (US, Great Britain, Taiwan, Turkey, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Germany), so talking to each other about surgery and also office issues was very interesting.