20. Oktober 2013

From 18.-20th of October there was the 26th Conference of the Society for Aesthetic Surgery Germany (GÄCD) held in Munich, Dr. Bodo had two lectures: one was about labia-reduction, one about mastopexy with breast-augmentation (fat vs. implant).

As expert in the field of intimacy-surgery Dr. Bodo explained different technics and analysed her data of the last three-and-a-half years. 120 patients had been operated on, the technic discribed was shown as a very safe procedure.

Another lecture was held about mastopexy with augmentation. The technic with augmentation by implant was comparred to augmentation by fat. The mastopexy with fat-augmentation is a very new procedure and the technic described by Dr. Bodo is a good alternativ to implant. 

Besides that it was an interesting meeting with a lot of good lectures and interesting exchange of experience with collegues from different fields of surgery.