Los DelineTM is a gel-like substance that consists of approximately 98 percent water and up to three percent of a 3D polyamide. The procedure has actually been known since 2011 but it was only last year that CE certification for medical devices was granted, so I also use this filler successfully. The gel is injected directly into the desired butt- or breast region with a blunt needle, allowing volume to be built up. The body forms a natural envelope around the gel implant during the healing phase – on the one hand, this prevents slippage, but also sets limits to the procedure. The manufacturer recommends injecting a maximum of 150ml per region. Los Deline has proven particularly effective in contouring larger areas of the body, such as breast or buttock augmentation. With this gel, you come without surgery with implants or an autologous fat transplantation to more curves. The proven filler technology convinces with particularly natural results, because the gel can be applied in exact doses and thus ensures a round buttocks or beautiful décolleté with too little volume. The treatment, which we perform on an outpatient basis, leaves only small puncture marks that heal quickly, so you are ready to go again in no time. We reveal more about this method here.

Photo by Jakob Owens @Unsplash

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