Workshop MADAME

2019-05-02T20:55:44+01:0022. October 2014|

On the weekend there was the exclusive worshop for readers of the magazine MADAME in the beautyful "Hotel zur Bleiche- Spa and resort" in the Spreeforest. Dr. Juliane Bodo, together [...]

Breast Augmentation with fat

2019-05-02T21:07:28+01:0005. October 2014|

Breastaugmentation with own body fat is a good alternativ to breast augmentation with silicon implanats. But it has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are: If you have local adipositas you [...]

The year of the eye!

2019-05-02T21:18:05+01:0015. June 2014|

Allegan declared this year to the "year of the eye". We like to inform you about the possibilities with botox and hyaluronic acid (filers) to make the eyes look younger. [...]

Allergan Academy with Maurico de Maio

2019-05-02T22:03:37+01:0023. May 2014|

Dr. Bodo and Dr. Wolff took part in the expert workshop of Allergan in Frankfurt with the specialist in injecting technics from Brazil, Dr. Maurico de Maio. New injecting technics [...]

AMWC Monaco

2019-05-02T21:52:37+01:0010. April 2014|

Vom 03.-05. April fand wieder die "Anti-Aging Medicin World Conference" in Monaco statt, eine der größten Kongresse für Ästhetische Medizin weltweit. Es gab viele Vorträge zur Faltenunterspritzung mit Botox, Filern [...]


2019-05-02T21:25:32+01:0006. August 2013|

There´s a new treatmet for capsular contraction after breast-augmentation/-implants without surgery. It´s called CAPSULOBLAST. The treatment is painless and takes about 30 min. Recommended are 6 (-8) treatments once a [...]