The vaginal rejuvenation is still a subject, a lot of women don´t want to talk about.

A reduction of the inner labia (labia minores) is the most commen surgery in that area. If there is a lot of skin it can be a aesthetic problem, but a lot of women suffer as well from pain and pressure in thight cloth or biking or discomfort having sex. To reduce the inner labias skin is talken away. If there is acces skin over the klitoris a pexie to thighten the klitoris is possible as well. It is no major surgery, but because it is a very delicate area the swelling and bruising can give discomfort up to a couple of days after surgery.

If the outer labias are to small or to big or loose we can help as well. If they are loose or sacking a thightening by talking skin away is a good way to thighten the labias. If they sould be fuller we can inject own body fat or hyaluronic acid to make them look fuller again. The idea, that the outer ones cover the inner ones is naturally only in young girl. But by shortening the inner and fill up the outer labias we can get that look.

We can also thighten the vagina itself bei talking out skin on the entrance and stich it together, after that procedure sex is not allowed for 6-8 weeks, we can also inject fat or hyaluron in the vagina to make it thighter or inject it to the g-spot to get it more prominent so it easier to stimulate.

We can also treat the vaginal area from the outside with radiofrequency, with our BTL Exilis. Here we can thighten and stimulate the area, in studies it is proofen to bring a visible difference.