Feel comfortable & ease
through individual advice and excellent professional competence

The safety and satisfaction of our patients is particularly important to us. We are proud to have had many patients happy with many years of experience in the entire spectrum of plastic-aesthetic surgery.

Beauty is the harmony of the inner self with the outer appearance.

Beauty is a very subjective perception. Many people, however, experience such suffering due to minor "flaws" or also more serious disfigurements that it affects their inner sense of well-being. Correction of the outer appearance can, in many cases, thus help the individual to rediscover their sense of inner peace.

Major operations are not always required to achieve this. Our objective is, rather more, to identify what is best for you during the course of detailed consultations and, if applicable, to improve your life through psychological assistance; nutritional advice or cosmetic treatments.

Our aim is to offer honest, transparent, risk-free surgery. An operation is not always the right solution for everyone. Patients must have a clear understanding of exactly what to expect. However: not everything is possible! A realistic consultation is necessary to ensure that patients do not have over-exaggerated expectations and to inform them about complications.

In most cases, a personal examination and an individual consultation are required to give a patient the best possible advice. The patient, however, often has minor questions which he or she would like to have answered immediately or before a personal consultation. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Bodo in advance by e-mail, telephone or fax – if possible, she will answer all questions as soon as she can!

Beauty is the idea of beauty emerging from the sensual. (Plato)


Feel comfortable & ease