upper arm lift
Escape old age and feel good

When the upper arms sag, it is very uncomfortable for many women. They often feel old and unattractive. The reason for the relaxation lies in the weakening tissue. Fat tissue proliferation often occurs with age. The skin on the inside of the upper arms reacts sensitively to influences such as severe weight loss or the natural aging process - the tissue increasingly loses its firmness and elasticity. It is not uncommon for skin folds to form. A development that usually cannot be satisfactorily influenced even with targeted training or cosmetic measures. This is where an upper arm lift comes in handy.

The aim of the operation is a type-appropriate upper arm silhouette

The modern surgical methods of an upper arm lift help to gently reduce the excess skin. In this way, a firm and type-appropriate upper arm silhouette can be restored. An intervention that often involves a Liposuction (liposuction) is combined. It also removes fat deposits and improves overall shape. Excess skin is then placed over the muscle and tightened. This saves scars and protects the tissue. The incision on the inside of the upper arms is always selected in such a way that the course of the scar is as invisible as possible when looking from the front or from behind.

Tighten the upper arm with a short incision

Excessive and sagging skin and fat tissue is precisely measured before the operation. The steps necessary for the procedure are carried out in such a way that the scarring remains as inconspicuous as possible. We make the incision in the armpit. Depending on the findings, it can reach up to the elbow. In principle, however, we try to keep it as short as possible. After successful tissue reduction, the surgical area is supplied with drainage, which allows wound secretions to drain off. The upper arm lift is finally completed with the application of an elastic bandage for the purpose of compression.

Rest six weeks after the upper arm lift

The operation is usually done under general anesthesia. This requires an inpatient stay of several days. Medical checks are carried out both on the first postoperative day of the upper arm lift and one and two weeks after the operation. The wound drains placed as part of the upper arm lift can be removed around two to four days after the procedure, depending on the healing process. In order to maintain the result in the long term, a compression bandage should be worn for a period of at least six weeks. We also advise our patients to remain physically calm and to cool the treated body areas regularly.

Alternative to upper arm lift

Of course, as part of the examination before each upper arm lift, we check whether there is one Coolsculpting Treatment without surgery would be an option.

last updated on 02.08.2022