• costs start at 650€ per zone
  • mostly pairs so 1.300€
  • for hips, belly between 1.300€ and 2.000€
  • individual planning nesseccary


Right now Coolsculpting® treatments are at our office and at our Medical Spa at Hotel Fleesensee available!

Coolsculpting® is a new technology developed in the USA and is the only one that has the FDA-approval.

Coolculpting is based on the cryolipolysis, meaning the destruction of fat cells by cooling the tissue down to -4 degree Celsius (24 degree Fahrenheit). On the area we want to treat we put an applicator, who sucks the fat in and than starts to cool it down, the whole procedure takes for one zone one hour. The treatmnent itself is not painfull at all, only putting the aplicator on and than taking it off in the end is a bit uncomforting. After it is taken off the area gets massaged, and than the feeling strats to come back. It feels like frozen fingers after skiing or beeing in the snow get back to life: it is a bit of a displeasing prickling, but it will only last a couple of minutes.

After the cool sculpting treatment the area will be swollen and redish for a couple of days, up to two weeks. After 2-3 weeks it will slowly be visible, the whole effect will be visible after 3-4 months, when the fat cells are completly resolved.

Normally the areas we treat are pairs, like the right and the left hips, that are two zones, outer tights and inner thights on both legs would be 4 zones,....

One zone costs 650€, so hips would be 1300€, both upper arms too. One big applicator for example for the lower belly is 1200€. It is always an indivdual consultation nesseccary to see what is best for you.

You can go out and go back to daily life right away, there is no downtime, although some patients have a bit of pain the first 2 or 3 days. If you feel fine you can do sports and whatever you want right away.

Right now we only can offer this treatment at the Schloßhotel Fleesensee, you don't have to stay in the hotel, also day guests can come and just book the treatment. If you like to spent time in a nice and quiete surrounding than Fleesensee is a wonderful retreat.

Coolsculpting Ergebnis