Why Los Deline?

Natural beauty is more than an aesthetic ideal, but above all an individual feeling of well-being. Many women therefore opt for breast augmentation through plastic contouring. With Los Deline ™, a contouring process is now available that impresses with its ease of use, long-lasting effect and pleasant sensation. Los Deline ™ is an injectable implant that was developed primarily for breast and buttock contouring. It adapts to the given anatomy and is compatible with human tissue. The results achieved look very natural and thus aesthetically complete the overall image of the body.

Areas of application for Los Deline:

Breast Contouring

As different as the aesthetic feeling may be, it is always about symmetry. Especially when it comes to the optimally fitting breast, many women value a symmetrical appearance. With Los Deline ™, the contouring can be carried out precisely, quickly and easily, especially in the chest area. If there are striking asymmetries, I recommend breast augmentation with autologous fat or silicone implants.

The Procedure
I insert the gel implant into the soft tissue of the breast using a cannula. A capsule then forms around the injected material. This usually takes six to eight weeks and prevents the product from shifting. In addition, the capsule in the connective tissue prevents material from being reduced and thus guarantees a long-term effect.

The procedure usually lasts one hour and is carried out in our clinic on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia or, if desired, under light general anaesthesia and under sterile conditions. A first result is visible shortly afterwards.

For optimal development of the aesthetic effect, you should wear a sports bra or shapeware for two weeks. After a few days, any sensation of the intervention has disappeared. The puncture site also disappears with only a few prick marks noticeable.

The final result can be seen three to four weeks after the procedure. There are various methods of attuning the body and the implant to one another. A proven method is, for example, a massage around two weeks after the procedure.


Many women chose gluteoplasty, i.e. contouring of the buttocks, to avoid surgery. Nevertheless, the desire for a homogeneous appearance of the body is strong. Los Deline ™ can be used to optimize the appearance of the buttocks. The advantage of the process lies in the compensation of a low percentage of fat. Slim patients in particular benefit from the biodynamic qualities of the product.

The Procedure
With gluteoplasty I also insert cohesive gel into the soft tissue using a cannula. Just like with the breast, a capsule then forms in the connective tissue which ensures stability and an even contouring of the buttocks. We carry out the procedure on an outpatient basis. Check-ups are conducted in the clinic on the next day, one week, six weeks and three months after treatment.
I thereby guarantee you optimal treatment and control of the injection sites and the surrounding skin. The injection sites heal after a few days. You will see a final result about a month after the procedure.

Further applications

We also use Los Deline ™ on scars or the contouring tissue of the body. We don’t use it on the face.

Requirements for Los Deline™
As with all plastic interventions, the first step is to decide together what should be changed and to develop a realistic idea of what the expected results will look like. You should therefore always base your expectations on a previously defined aesthetic goal.

An examination of individual health is also part of this. I need to know in advance whether there are any diseases that can lead to contraindications. For example, acute inflammatory diseases, coagulopathy, soft tissue or autoimmune diseases or diseases of the breast tissue. In addition, there are certain things to consider before the procedure. This includes abstaining from alcohol and blood-thinning medication. Your menstrual cycle should also be considered. In the case of an injection into the breast, the breast tissue must always be examined by the gynaecologist beforehand using ultrasound or mammography.

With body contouring, the result lasts about three to five years. The product breaks down slowly, like a piece of sugar that slowly dissolves. A nice side effect: the natural breakdown of the product stimulates the connective tissue, which creates new collagen.

The gel is not visible and can usually not be felt. It is tailored to human tissue and since it consists of 96 percent water it has no negative effects on your physiology.
The procedure is also straightforward. Although there must be sterile conditions, which is why the surgery is performed in my clinic’s surgery, I do not perform surgery in the classic sense. The gel is injected using a thin cannula. This means that there is no scar formation, although sometimes the puncture points can be recognized for a short time.

You should be at least 18 years old and in good health. Lean patients are particularly suitable for a contouring the buttocks; if you want to enlarge your breasts you should be content with their shape, since only their volume can be enhanced. The application is not recommended for visibly sagging breasts. The procedure is also unsuitable if there are excess amounts of skin on the buttocks or chest. In a preliminary discussion, we will decide whether a contouring with Los Deline ™ can achieve the desired results.

Since I insert the gel into the soft tissue with a very thin needle or cannula, there is only a small puncture site. The surrounding tissue is not injured. The pain is therefore minimal so that I can perform the procedure under local anaesthesia. After the procedure, the puncture sites heal within a few days. Only the injection of local anaesthesia is a little uncomfortable. During the first few days after the procedure you may experience a feeling of tension, a hematoma or pain. I will discuss any complaints and possible treatments with you as part of the aftercare.

You will see a first effect immediately after the procedure. The final result can usually be seen after three to four weeks because each tissue behaves differently. Any swelling and hematoma may take around two weeks to heal.

I usually carry out the procedure on an outpatient basis. If you wish, you can get a light general anaesthesia or analgosedation (sedation with pain relief).
You will be treated prophylactically with antibiotics once before the procedure. After discharge, I regularly check the effect of the product and how your body reacts to the treatment. I generally recommend placing cold compresses on the contoured areas. This reduces the risk of possible hematomas. Depending on the procedure, you should also wear special compression underwear, a bra or so-called shapeware for two weeks, day and night. I will clarify all other important issues in a preliminary discussion.

Depending on the amount of material, the treatment costs between 2,000 and 6,000 euros.

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