Thigh lift

  • 2h surgery
  • general anaesthesia
  • inpatient procedure, 2 nights
  • socally acceptable after 8 days
  • 6 weeks postoperativly sports-bra day and night
  • costs ca. 6.400€

Beautiful thighs
Not only in summer

"Riding trousers", "orange skin" - there are many unsightly terms for a widespread phenomenon. We will be glad to help you remove these expressions from your vocabulary.

With only one cut...

The skin excess on the thighs we tighten with only one cut in the groin over the pubic region up to the gluteal. Only in pronounced cases, an additional incision must be made on the inside of the thigh. Above all the upper third, often also the middle third of the thighs, are visibly stiffened.

Hardly pain

For the operation a stay in the clinic of one to two days is recommended. The weight of the tissue is considered to be a risk factor. It can help to push the scar from the groin fold and make it visible. This can however be corrected with post-treatments. The procedure is associated with very little pain. We recommend wearing a compression trouser for at least six weeks. You should avoid sport and other physical exertion in this time.

Thigh lift