Tummy tuck abdominoplasty

  • 2h surgery
  • general anaesthesia
  • inpatient procedure, 2-3 days recommendet
  • compression garment for 6(-12) weeks postoperativ
  • no sports, heavy lifting for 6-12 weeks
  • costs: about 6.800€

After pregnancies or loss of weight or simply as a result of aging, the skin on the stomach can sag and become flabby. Often there is a disturbing excess of skin on the lower abdomen, a pendulous layer of abdominal fat and often a stretching of the muscles below it. In an operation the excess skin and fat can be removed by mobilisation. In addition, the muscles in deeper regions are tightened by sutures, which is important for a lasting effect. An incision is made around the navel and at the end of the operation the navel is repositioned using the drawn down skin. This involves a longitudinal scar on the lower abdomen along the line of the pubic hair as well as a scar around the navel.

The operation is carried out under general anaesthesia, 2-3 days in the clinic are necessary. A compression corset must be worn for a period of 6 (-12) weeks. Sport (which strains the stomach muscles!) and heavy lifting are not allowed for 6 weeks. In addition, during the same operation fat can be suctioned off in the transitional areas to the hips or on the upper abdomen (liposuction).

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