Botox® Botulinum toxin A

  • treatment 15-20 minutes
  • no sports, sauna orextreme heat after the treatment for 6 hours
  • effect comes after 3-10 days
  • the effect lasts for 3-6 month
  • risks: bruising, very rarely: headache, if overtreated: loss of facial expression
  • costs: 350-800€

Dr. Bodo teaches for the German Society of Botulinum-Toxin (DGBT) doctors in Germany in using Botulinum toxin right and is doing certification for the DGBT.

Over the years facial expressions can cause lines in our faces and, in the case of people who have a tendency to frown, this can result in frown lines around the bridge of the nose. Others wrinkle their foreheads, developing visible lines. Botox® weakens or temporarily stops these facial expressions, allowing the skin to relax and the lines to disappear or, in the case of very deep wrinkles, to at least be minimized. Neurologists and ophthalmologists have been using this drug to treat spasticity and nervous disorders for over 20 years, meaning that long term studies are available concerning the effects and consequences of using Botox®. Minimal quantities of an extremely diluted form of Botox® are injected into the muscle to be weakened; if handled correctly the drug does not cause side effects. It is used to reduce lines around the eyes and on the forehead; frown lines on the bridge of the nose and hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration). It can also be used to treat slight lines around the mouth; to rejuvenate the chin or cleavage and to conceal the patient's gums when they laugh (gummy smile). The effects are felt 3 – 10 days following the injection and last for around 3 – 6 months.

If you don't want to lose your facial expression a low dose of Botox® will do. Then the mimic is just reduced but not stopped. Thats why peole call it "Actors dose" or "baby-botox".

Botulinum toxin A