Dracula lifting
skin rejuvenation with body own blood cells

  • treatment takes 45-60 minutes
  • your blood is taken right before the treatment
  • local anaesthesia (cream or injected)
  • swelling for 2 days and brusing possible - can last up to one week

"Dracula lifting" is the term used to denote a new method of skin rejuvenation requiring no chemicals whatsoever and using only the body's own blood cells – i.e. it is completely organic. The medical term for this is "platelet rich plasma" (PRP), in other words plasma gained from whole blood and rich in thrombocytes. The plasma is harvested by collecting blood from the patient directly before it undergoes centrifugation, after which the plasma is either injected under the skin or into wrinkles as a mesotherapy or applied topically as a mask or cream. The serum contains a high concentration of growth hormones and stimulates tissue stem cells. This encourages cell regeneration and the body's own production of collagen. As a result the therapy represents an organic alternative to botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, even if the effect is different.

Deep wrinkles cannot be filled using this method, but rather overall rejuvenation of the skin is achieved, also smoothing out finer wrinkles. The skin appears fresher again.

When giving injections using the patient's own body fat we also use own blood treatment as an additional therapy since it results in improved implant healing of the fat cells and provides extra collagen stimulation. Own blood products can also be injected to improve scar formation when carrying out larger operations. We also combine it with the Injection of hyaluronic acid.

Dracula lifting