Vampire Therapy Berlin
Autologous blood treatment with endogenous blood cells

100 percent natural: Vampire-lifting with your own blood

In plastic and aesthetic surgery we are placing increased emphasis on sustainable and biological methods. The so-called vampire therapy uses only the body’s own blood cells, respectively the platelet-rich plasma. It is also easy to combine with other treatments such as hyaluronic acid.

The stem cells are stimulated

We will recover your plasma from your blood just before use. The method itself includes various options. It can either be injected directly under the skin or into the wrinkles, as mesotherapy or it can be applied to the skin externally as a mask. The serum stimulates the tissue and stimulates the cell renewal as well as the body’s own proliferation of collagen fibres.

Vampire therapy in combination with hyaluronic acid

Recently a simple procedure to combine vampire therapy with hyaluronic acid therapy has been developed. Thus, the tubes with which the plasma is obtained already contain hyaluronic acid. The much more effective treatment mainly affects the moisturization of the skin. In addition, the cell-renewing components of the plasma remain on site for a longer period of time and can thus better develop their effect.

Autologous blood treatment with autologous fat

The autologous fat injection also benefits from the plasma obtained. It helps with healing and prevents a large amount of fat from degrading over time.

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