Fat away syringe: fat away with a prick

The miracle for the small problems

For the small fat deposits, we offer our patients an alternative to the classic one Liposuction a so-called injection lipolysis, colloquially also called fat-away-syringe. This is a particularly gentle way to lose fat.

disintegration of the fat cell

Injected directly into the fatty tissue, the drug causes the fat cells to break down. The dead cell material is then broken down via the lymphatic system.

Fat-away injection has a visible effect

After the treatment, it can take around four weeks for a visible effect to appear. The healing process takes about two days. However, because the body assumes inflammation, patients must expect redness, swelling, and pain. A total of four to five treatments spaced four weeks apart are required.

Alternatively, we offer the CoolSculpting process. You can find out more about this here.

last updated on 08.08.2022