Hyperhidrosis: Treatment of excessive perspiration

Stay cool! And sweat less.

Anyone who regularly uses public transport knows the problem: many people suffer from overproduction of sweat glands, also known as hyperhidrosis. You sweat more than normal, especially in the armpits, palms or feet. Two treatments have proven to be extremely effective for hyperhidrosis.

Away with the symptom of hyperhidrosis

By regularly injecting Botulinum toxin, also known as Botox® or Dysport, the nerve fibers responsible for sweating can be blocked. Sweat production stops completely after four to eight days, but starts again after four to six weeks. Regular treatment is therefore unavoidable for lasting success.

Suction curettage against armpit sweating

We have had great success in many patients with suction curettage of the sweat glands. Here we suck under local anesthetic like a Liposuction sweat glands under the armpits with fine cannulas. Although we cannot remove all glands, perspiration is reduced to 80 percent. This corresponds to "normal" sweating during physical exertion and heat. However, this procedure can only be performed in the armpits.

Sweating on palms

If you specifically want a treatment against sweating on the palms of your hands, you should consider that this is only possible with a nerve severing at the nerve plexus of the spine. This is a very expensive and complicated operation. It is not performed by us, but by specialized thoracic surgeons (e.g. at the Charité). A Botox treatment would be much less complicated, but not permanent.

And naturopathy?

Sometimes sage or valerian help against too much sweat. In individual cases there have been very good results. Unfortunately, this cannot (yet) be measured scientifically.

last updated on 08.08.2022