• No downtime
  • Only slight effect
  • Not suitable for larger amounts of grease
  • Costs 150-400€ per area

The miracle for the little problems

Grease away with a piek

For the small fat deposits, we offer our patients a so-called injection lipolysis. Also known as grease-way syringe.

Decay of the fetal cell

Directly injected into adipose tissue, the drug causes the decay of the fetal cell. The dead cell material is then broken down via the lymph channels.

Visible effect

After the treatment it can take about four weeks until a visible effect occurs. The healing process lasts approximately two days. However, since the body emanates from inflammation, the patients must start from redness, swelling and pain. A total of four to five treatments are required every four weeks.

Alternatively, we offer the Coolsculpting methode. More information here.