Mesotherapy: Gentle treatment for a younger and firmer skin

Natural skin rejuvenation through mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a young and yet very successful treatment method, which is particularly suitable for wrinkles and weakness of the connective tissue. It has evolved steadily in recent years and, above all, is very gentle and well tolerated by the body. Mesotherapy is mainly used as meso-lifting on the face, at the neck and décolleté, and on the hands. Also stretch marks after pregnancy can be treated very well with it.

Stimulation of connective tissue, blood and lymph circulation

The treatment involves the injection of a cocktail of none-cross-linked and cross-linked Hyaluronic acid vor. The advantage: Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in our body, decreases during the aging process and causes a rejuvenating effect when refreshed. Without having to intervene surgically, the blood and lymph circulation is intensified, the connective tissue cells are stimulated and the collagen regeneration is enhanced.

Mesotherapy: painless and without side effects

A device specially developed for the treatment carries out the injections. Tiny needles penetrate the skin layer to be treated with compressed air and induce the hyaluronic acid preparation. This is painless if applied correctly and virtually without side effects. Moderate bruising may occur, but quickly regresses. Only preparation: The skin must be treated with a special cream that has an anaesthetising effect.

How many applications are there typically?

The first two to three treatments usually take place within four weeks. Within a period of six months we refresh the application – always without hospitalization and without any restrictions in everyday life.

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