Breast augmentation by Lipofilling

  • 1,5 h surgery
  • local or general anaesthesia
  • no down-time
  • enlargment of only one cup size
  • no "fatburning" acitvities (e.g. jogging, stepper, etc.) for 8 weeks
  • no smoking (than fat won't grow in)

Many women dream of having their breasts enlarged or changed, but object to wearing an implant in their body. In many cases a silicone implant is the better and particularly long-lasting form of breast enlargement. Alternatively breast enlargements can also be carried out with the patient's own fat tissue. With this, however, only an enlargement by one bra cup size is possible. Also the shape of the breast can only be slightly altered. In case of deformation of the breast, e. g. a tubular breast, it is not suitable. It is ideal for small, soft, symmetrical breasts or when liposuction is requested in any case.

One advantage of this method is a quicker recovery from the operation and the possibility of performing the operation in local anaesthesia. Furthermore, when enlarging the breast with the patient's own fat, no "foreign matter" is implanted. The disadvantage with own fat is a possible necessity for follow-up treatments (2 - 3 sessions) until the required effect has been attained.

The augmentation of the breast with Macrolane is no longer possible, the company who developed it withdrew the licence for injecting Hyaluronic Acid into the breast tissue.

Breast augmentation 
by Lipofilling