Mastopexy / Breast lifting with or without implant

  • surgery time 1.5-2.5h
  • inpatient procedure
  • socially acceptable after 5-10 days
  • sports-bra 6 weks day and night
  • risks: scars, asymmetry, infection, sagging of the tissue
  • costs: 5.800-7.200€

With time the breast tissue slowly follows gravity and in a large number of women the breast tissue gets ptotic. This is often after pregnancy or weight loss, but also often in young women by genetic disposition or because of the aging of the collagen fibres and connecting tissues.

In this surgery by reducing the skin-envelope the breast tissue get reshaped and fixed in a upper position on the breast muscle again. The scar is around the nipple and vertical from the nipple to the lower breast fold. If there's only very small lifting neseccary the periareolar scar can be sufficient. The mastopexy is not painful at all, a little pressure and slight wound pain can be felt for a few days.

If the patient desires more fullnes than the own tissue provides the inlay of an implant can be combined. In this case the wound healing can be slightly prolonged compared to a mastopexie or augmentation. In these cases we insert the implantat below the breast muscle, so the weight of the implantat does not pull downwards on the skin again.

Also the lipofilling with fat is possible after mastopexy to restore the volume. Hereby only a small enlargment is possible, and there is the risk that not the entire transferred fat tissue will grow in. Therefore it may occur that the lipofilling must be repeated in order to receive the required breat size. But the advantage ist that there is no "foreign material".

Mastopexy / 
Breast lifting 
with or without implant