Mastopexy / Breast lifting with or without implant

In many women, the breast tissue will decrease over time and lose elasticity, resilience and volume. This often affects women after breastfeeding their children, but also severe weight loss, an implant removal, the natural aging process and hormonal changes may play a role in flaccid or drooping breasts. This development cannot be prevented by sports or regular gymnastics, but it can be corrected by us with the help of a breast lift. Our goal is always to tighten the breast tissue and achieve the breast shape wanted by our patients. We inform you about the details and individual possibilities in the context of a detailed and non-binding consultation in our practice.

Breast lift is the supreme discipline of breast surgery

Breast lift (mastopexy) is one of the most demanding procedures in breast surgery, which is why many cosmetic surgeons shy away from it. Dr Bodo is vastly experienced in this area and is one of the few specialists who perform a breast lift in Berlin. Outstanding evaluations in portals such as “Jameda” document the high quality of breast surgeries in our private clinic and the great satisfaction of our patients with the results.

Depending on the initial situation and individual wishes, a breast lift can be combined with a breast reduction. In some cases, however, it may also be advisable to use an implant to enlarge the breast or restore the original breast volume. A breast lift without surgery is not possible.

Breast lift with implant or without?

Surgery methods for a breast lift vary from case to case. Patients mostly opt for a breast lift without implants. With this method we remove only the uppermost skin layer, the so-called epithelium. Thereafter, we rebuild the glandular tissue and reinsert it a little further up the muscle fascia of the large burst muscle. Now we form an “inner bra” with which we anchor the glandular tissue to the pectoral muscle.

Every operation has its specific challenges. Depending on your ideas and physical conditions, the cut changes. One or two cuts are standard: The first cut runs around the areola, at its lower edge to the lower breast crease. For very large breasts, we make another cut along the natural breast crease. Less heavily sagged breasts do not require this cut. The section around the areola is sufficient. We then remove excess tissue, shape the remaining mammary gland, shift it upwards and suture it to the pectoral muscle. The surgical technique is always chosen in accord to minimizing scars.

In special cases, the glandular body can also be fixed by tightening your skin. In parallel we bring the nipple, including nerves and blood vessels, in the new position and suture the wound with finest threads sub-cutaneously (running in the skin). After the procedure, we put on a tight-fitting bandage with drains in place to allow unrestricted drainage of blood and tissue fluid. The procedure typically takes between one and two hours and takes place under general anaesthesia. The breast lift can be combined with a breast implant. Further information can be found under “breast augmentation”.

Measures after the breast lift surgery

Normally, the operation causes light pain during the following days. In some cases this can be accompanied by severe swelling and bruising. As a rule, however, these after-effects gradually decrease over the following days and weeks. In addition, the sensitivity of your nipples may decrease. According to our experience, a “normal” sensation may not return until a few months after the operation. About six months after the operation, a definitive result can be judged. If parts of the tissue have hardened, full recovery may take up to two years. Scars will disappear over time to the point of inconspicuousness.

What are the risks of a breast lift?

Very important: Please tell us if you should be allergic to medicines or care products. Other illnesses should also be discussed with your surgeon prior to breast correction. Conspicuous bruises or persistent bleeding after minor injuries may indicate a coagulation disorder. Please allow yourself to be examined in this case a few weeks in advance. A planned weight reduction or pregnancy must also be discussed with the surgeon as it affects the surgical outcome.

Which complications can occur postoperatively?

If your wounds don’t heal properly, scars, tensions, pain and bruising may occur – in severe cases even infections. If you recognize symptoms of this kind, do speak with us immediately. We are happy to help you with anything that worries you and will discuss with you a possibly necessary aftercare. The affected skin and tissue regions in some cases change after surgery. This is due to your individual healing process. This can lead to slight differences in the shape of the breasts. Another intervention would correct changes of that kind.

As the case may be, the nipple loses sensitivity after surgery, especially in the case of breasts that have sagged heavily.

Careful post-treatment for a breast lift without scars

Usually you feel completely restored within a week. Most of our patients will return to work after three to four weeks. Throughout the first two weeks after the breast lift you should definitely sleep on your back. After a couple of days you can shower or bathe – if your sutures and bandages allow it – in the usual way. You can also continue your usual skin care then. The threads in your sutures will either dissolve themselves or remain up to five weeks. By the latter, a fine, barely visible scar formation is supported.

Please note: If bandages and threads are removed and you have recovered to a large extend, it is important to wear a brassiere again. The bra should sit optimally, support your breasts, but not constrict the breast. Wear it for at least 6 weeks around the clock, better even 3 months. This prevents excessive scarring as you apply even pressure to your chest area with the help of the bra. We will inform you about all other issues still important to you, which further measures for individual follow-up are necessary and how many check-ups you should arrange, when you leave the clinic.

How much does a breast lift cost?

Breast lifts are amongst the most elaborate and thus most expensive surgeries in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Most prices depend on the condition of the individual patient. The costs of a breast lift are not covered by health insurance, but we offer you favourable financing options and instalment payments through our partner medipay and invite you to discuss those options with us.

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