Breast reduction breastlift

  • 2-3h surgery
  • general anaesthesia
  • inpatient procedure
  • down time 5-10 days
  • no "fatburning" activities (e.g. running, cycling,...) for 8 weeks
  • risks: infection, asymmetry, scars
  • costs: 6.800-7.900€

Very large, heavy breasts often cause backache, tension in the neck, headaches, cutting bra straps and also pain in the breast. In this case a reduction of the breasts (mamma reduction plastic surgery) is possible. This results in a scar around the nipple and a vertical scar, a part of the gland and the skin is removed.

If the patient has suffered an atrophy of the gland (e. g. after pregnancy or loss of weight or merely as a result of weak connective tissue) the breast is often pendulous without much gland tissue remaining. In this case only skin is removed using the same incision, and the breast is therefore only lifted and not reduced. The scar will be just like the one described after breast reduction. Should the patient have a considerable amount of excess skin or large breasts, sometimes it is not possible to avoid a small incision in the IMF, otherwise a scar-sparing technique is always prefered and applied. The operation is technically complex and lasts approx. 2-3 hours. After the surgery it is necessary to wear a supporting bra for 6 weeks consistently day and night. The operation is carried out in a general anaesthesia; a stay of 1-2 days in the clinic is recommended.

Apart from the general risks of the operation, a temporary numbness in the nipples and in the skin below the breast can occur. Patients with larger and heavier breasts and obese patients tend to wound-healing disorders more often. All these complications are however treatable, and may merely delay the healing process. Patients rarely experience pain after the operation, but rather a sensation of tension.

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