The sensitive point

inverted nipples and other changes

Nipples are literally a very central and therefore particularly important part of the breast for many women. There are also changes to the nipples that can be remedied by uncomplicated operations (e.g. a nipple reduction). There are congenital disorders such as inverted nipples or areolas or nipples that are too large or too small. For certain interventions (e.g. a breast augmentation), it may happen that the position of the nipple needs to be offset. Particular caution is required here, especially if the patient is still breastfeeding or planning a pregnancy.

Reconstruction of the nipples after cancer

Reconstruction of the nipple is often necessary to regain a complete image of the breast after breast cancer surgery. Here it must be decided individually in the on-site consultation which is the best solution. Interventions in connection with nipples can usually be carried out very well under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

last updated on 05.07.2023