Gua-Sha-Lifting / Facial Gua Sha

We currently place particular emphasis on a natural look, less make-up and a healthy complexion. A Gua Sha treatment is the best and most natural way. Oil is generously applied to the face, front and back of the neck, which is then gently removed from the middle of the face outwards using the Gua Sha scraper. Regular use of Gua Sha on the face helps improve blood circulation, promotes cell renewal and prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

Gua Sha treatment is part of the TCM therapies (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and is combined with a cupping treatment in the Plastethics Clinic. Cupping is one of the oldest beauty treatments ever. During a face cupping session, the cheeks, the chin line or the cleavage are treated with a gentle vacuum. Unlike traditional body treatments, face cups have significantly narrower openings. A Gua Sha facial combined with a face cup treatment is one of the most relaxing anti-aging treatments. It combines traditional handicrafts with the latest scientific knowledge.

What results can you expect from regular use of Gua Sha?

  • Tightens the facial and neck muscles
  • Promotes blood circulation and tissue oxygenation
  • Reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
  • Detox effect
  • Prevents and reduces wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots

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