Infusion Therapy – Drip Spa

The latest trend to strengthen body and mind is called “Drip Spa”. Drip Spa provides a natural boost of energy and gives the body a real vitamin kick. The intravenous vitamin cocktails are put together individually by me and my medical team and are true power infusions with high-dose vitamins and minerals.

Whether for treatment or prevention – infusions are the only way to ensure 100% absorption of the active substances. These infusions not only help patients get back on their feet after an operation, they are also fantastic preventative and power increasing mixtures for healthy people.

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, micronutrients and antioxidants directly reach the bloodstream, where they are immediately available to the body and can contribute to increasing and improving the body’s defences and ability to recover. Infusion therapy has a decisive advantage over the oral intake of vitamins and active substances.

Who is infusion therapy recommended for?

  • Burn out + constant stress + psychological overload
  • Fatigue + loss of vitality
  • Susceptibility to infection + immune deficiency
  • Early aging process
  • Depressed mood and mood swings
  • Concentration disorders + circulatory disorders
  • Smokers
  • Athletes
  • To support a diet

Beauty Drip

This infusion strengthens the connective tissue with methionine. Arginine builds up collagen and a special mix of vitamins and minerals can improve the skin structure.
Taurine has an antioxidant effect and regulates the fluid balance. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. It is essential for the cell renewal of skin, hair and nails.

Detox Drip

The combination of amino acids, magnesium, copper and manganese stimulates the detoxification processes of the body and helps to remove pollutants.
It can be used to support a detox cure or a diet and also as an “after-party drip” after too much alcohol and little sleep.

Slim Drip / Sport Drip

Vitamin C supports the metabolism as a natural fat burner. Magnesium and L-carnitine accelerate fat burning and stimulate muscle building. Fucus vesiculosus helps with obesity and metabolic disorders and is a homeopathic diet helper. Magnesium and other minerals support the build-up of strength and help to gain a higher level of performance and concentration.

Immune Drip

The infusion boosts the immune system with a high dosage of active substances such as vitamin C. Lysine, methionine, L-carnitine and other trace elements activate the body’s defences and detoxification organs.
Particularly suitable for allergies and at the beginning of the cold season to protect against viruses and bacteria.

Relax Drip

The anti-stress mixture contains an electrolyte solution with magnesium, calcium, potassium and glycine. Carnitine gives body, mind, psyche and immune system a lot of strength and increases vitality. It is perfect against stress.
Taurine strengthens the nerves and can work against physical and mental overload.


  • Vitamin-C shot
  • Vitamin-B-12 shot
  • Glutathione shot
  • Resveratrol shot

The shots are high-dose short term infusions for a quick effect.
The vitamin boosters during the lunch break with a fantastic effect.

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