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Peeling with Diamond Microdermabrasion

As we get older, the skin’s ability to regenerate and form new skin cells diminishes. The result is a deterioration of the complexion. The dead skin flakes are removed with microdermabrasion and this treatment helps the skin to regenerate. The skin becomes noticeably finer and more even and it is also optimally conditioned to absorb care products. With a hand-held tool a variety of fine hygienic diamond heads, chosen for your respective complexion, are guided over the skin. In comparison to a classic peeling, this device provides targeted and absolutely controlled removal of the upper skin layer. The result after the first treatment: you look fresh and vital – simply irresistible.


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Areas of application

  • Suitable for all skin types and ages
  • Aging, damaged skin
  • Impure and large-pored skin
  • Targeted and quick help for various skin problems

Treatment information

  • Introduction of high-quality active substances and special masks
  • The result is immediately visible: young, fresh and relaxed skin
  • Recommended even for very sensitive skin.
  • Natural, painless, bloodless and without negative reactions
  • We currently use one of the most innovative devices on the European market

Dermabrasion – help at top speed with special tools


Scars can cause large and unattractive skin imperfections. Dermabrasion treatment can quickly remedy this. At the tip of a special grinding instrument, a small wheel turns at high speed. It only removes the top layer of the skin. Anaesthesia is not necessary with this treatment. In some cases, we use a laser to help. However, the grinder can be used in a more targeted and precise manner, especially for transitions. Raised scars, especially acne scars and sometimes wrinkles, are treated by dermabrasion. The skin will only be reddened for a few days. The healing process is accordingly short. Nevertheless, you should avoid direct sunlight for at least six weeks.

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