Radiofrequency by BTL Exilis Elite™

Immediate Effect with radio waves by BTL’s Exilis Elite ™ tightens the skin and dissolves fat cells

Plastic and aesthetic medicine is increasingly using technical innovations. Best results in the areas of fat dissolution, skin tightening, anti-cellulite and anti-wrinkle care have recently been achieved especially with radiofrequency. A pioneer in this area is Exilis Elite ™ by BTL Aesthetics.

Firm skin without fatty tissue

Depending on the frequency, radio waves are able to break down fatty tissue or shrink the collagen structure. With the Exilis Elite device, we can tighten your skin and “melt away” fat cells. We heat your tissue to around 43 degrees Celsius. The cell envelopes decompose and are degraded as a “waste product” through the lymphatic system. The heat also causes your collagen fibres to contract. Your skin appears much firmer.

Permanent results due to radiofrequency treatment

Mostly four treatments at intervals of one to three weeks are necessary. The advantage: You notice a clear effect after the first treatment. Your skin immediately appears firmer and slimmer. A final result is expected in the third month after treatment. If you are not satisfied with the effect, all zones, whether on the face or neck, can be treated multiple times. Ultimately, you receive a lasting and measurable result. The radio frequency technology can also serve very well as a pre- and post-treatment for surgical liposuction.

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