Laser Treatment
for pigmentation disorders and benign skin alterations

Bundled light for face and body. With laser technology to pure skin.

Light can work wonders – whether it keeps your nose clear in a cold or relieves pain. In plastic and aesthetic surgery, light is used primarily against pigmentation disorders and small impurities in the skin. In bundled form as a laser.

Laser treatment in Berlin with good results

We use laser technology to treat benign skin alterations, including a pigmentation disorder. Good results have been achieved with vessels on the face and body, spider veins or fibroids. We use an IDAS laser with a wavelength of 532 nm.

No side effects

During the treatment, we cool the skin with cold air, so that the laser radiation is well tolerated even without local anaesthesia. There are no traces. Nevertheless, you should avoid direct sunlight for at least six weeks after the laser treatment. In case of severe vascular changes, a second or third treatment may be necessary.

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