Microdermabrasion & micro needling
Skin and scar treatment

The best of chemistry and mechanics: Peeling with microdermabrasion

A microdermabrasion fills the gap between chemical peelings and mechanical dermabrasion – see below. It tightens your skin and strengthens the collagen skin layers.

Fast and good results

Already the first treatment can improve the sensation of your skin by up to 30 percent. Your skin is optimally conditioned for the absorption of care products.

Micro needling

The treatment with a Derma-pen disables the skin barrier for a few hours, thus regeneration supporting factors like hyaluronic acid, enzymes or vitamins can be brought directly into the skin. Through the procedure the body’s own collagen production is stimulated.

Combination therapy

The success of the treatment can be optimized by combining it with Vampire therapy, especially for symptoms of the skin’s aging process and acne scars.

Dermabrasion – help at top speed with special tools

Scars can cause large and ugly skin bumps. A dermabrasion treatment can be a quick remedy. At top speed a tiny wheel is rotating at the tip of a special abrasion instruments. It removes only the uppermost skin layer. Anaesthesia is not necessary with this treatment. In some cases, we use a laser. But we can work more targeted and accurate, especially in transitions, with the abrasion instrument.

Application areas for dermabrasion

Protruding scars, acne scars and sometimes wrinkles can be treated with dermabrasion. The skin will be reddened for a few days. The healing process is accordingly short. Nevertheless, you should refrain from direct sunlight for at least six weeks.

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