Radiofrequency by BTL Exilis Elite™

  • no downtime
  • 4 treatments, every 1-3 weeks are recommended
  • costs 1.400€ for 4 treatments. (350€ per session)
  • result is visable right away
  • final result takes up to 3 month

Skin tightning and reducing of the fat tissue without surgery! We now offer the newst technology from the US in our office. By heating up the skin on almost 42 degree Celcius we get a collagen-shrinking and collagen-synthesis, so the skin gets thighter and lifted, small wrinkles get bettet. By a second handpice we can also get the heat into the fat tissue, so the fat cell will burst and the "lose" fat will be disminished by the lymphatic system.

It really works well with no downtime, right after the treatment the skin is a bit reddish for about 1 hour. You see a direct result, because the change in the cell texture the final result takes up to 3 months. So you look great right away but even better after 3 months!

by BTL Exilis Elite™