Rhinoplasty nose correction

  • surgery takes 2-3 hours
  • total anaesthesia
  • cast/ tape for 8-14 days
  • social acceptable after about 2 weeks
  • costs 4.500-6.500€

Dr. Bodo carries out rhinoplasty in cooperation with a specialist for nose surgery, either a plastic and aesthetic surgereon as well as a ear-nose and throad-specialist from Berlin, Dr. Henning. Consultations and the initial meeting take place at Dr Bodo's office, as does post-treatment. Prior to the operation the procedure is discussed with the doctor using photographic documentation and the limits of what is possible are discussed using a computer-generated photographic simulation. All partners are known specialist for rhinoplasty, secondary surgeries, reconstructiv nose surgery and also can treat functional problems.

Partners: Dr. Stefan Henning, Dr. Henning von Gregory, Dr. Jürgen Tacke

nose correction