Clitoris Tightening
A small intervention with great effect

In hypertrophy, i.e. enlargement of the labia minora, the skin above the clitoris is thickened and exuberant. This is a typical concomitant of the aging process. With a small procedure, the skin can be tightened. We usually perform this operation in combination with a labia correction.

Which parts of the clitoris can be corrected?

In most cases, excess skin develops laterally or directly above the clitoris. The clitoris itself, a sensitive point in which thousands of nerve endings accumulate and which is responsible for much of the sexual pleasure, must not be irritated in any way. For this reason, some protective skin must always remain above the clitoris. However, if the skin overlaps or is exuberant at the transition to the labia minora, it should be tightened. This results in a harmonious, fresh look and a more intense feeling during intercourse.

What kind of scars are caused by a clitoral tightening?

The scars run laterally on either side or, if the clitoral gland is also punctured upward, like an inverted Y. In both cases the scar is barely visible. After surgery, the area around the clitoris often swells significantly, but usually the swellings fade after 2 weeks.

What should be considered postoperatively?

You should give up intercourse for about 4-6 weeks postoperatively until everything has healed well. You are allowed to take a shower on the first day after the operation. The area around the clitoris is very sensitive, so you will feel sore after the surgery, which usually subsides after about 3 days.

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