External labia correction

  • Surgery time: 1-2 hours
  • local anesthesia or twilight sleep
  • No sport 2 weeks, GV 6 weeks
  • In combination with internal labia correction
  • Risks: Rebleeding, swelling
  • Costs: From 2.000-3.000 €

Also, the external labia can be altered, these usually become smaller or "empty" over the years. In case of sore throat they can be penalized by skin removal or more frequently refilled by own fat or hyaluronic acid.

If the outer labia are too large, they can also be treated by liposuction if necessary in combination with a skin removal. Fie scar in a labia correction usually heals very well is mostly later hardly visible.

Since this is a very intimate area and the injection of local anesthetic is very unpleasant there, we recommend a short general anesthesia or sleep sleep. Since the injection of the local anesthesia takes only a few seconds, the operation is also possible in local anesthesia.