Labia reduction

  • 30-45min surgery
  • local or general anaesthesia
  • down time 2-5 days
  • a little painfull for 1-2 days
  • no sports for 2-6 weeks

Feel completely at ease!
Also in the most intimate area.

More and more patients are coming to us who do not want to optimize their external characteristics alone. Also the intimate area should fit to their body feeling. However, there are major differences in the area of ​​lablusion correction, also called labioplasty.


In most cases, the inner labia have enlarged and protrude between the outer ones. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, many women complain about problems with sexual intercourse as well as the wearing comfort of underwear. In the case of a labia correction, we remove the surplus and bring the labia back into shape again, but also the outer labia can be adjusted, as a rule they decrease in volume over the years. Or vice versa with a liposuction or skin tightening remove too much tissue.


The anesthesia during the operation affects many of our patients because the area is very sensitive. We therefore recommend the injection of a local anesthetic, a dormancy or, if desired, a general anesthesia. Once deadened, do not feel anything from the procedure. After this, the fresh seams should be regularly disinfected for at least ten days. In addition, you should abstain from sex and sexual intercourse for at least two to four weeks.

Labia reduction