Labia reduction and labiaplasty
Carried out by the specialist for genital surgery in Berlin

The labia majora becomes smaller or flabby over the years. The result is that the entire genital area looks a bit “old.” Full outer labia, which have slightly more volume than the inner labia, appear fresher and more aesthetic.

How do we execute a labia reduction?

In case of skin slackening, the labia majora can be tightened by skin removal or refilled with autologous fat or hyaluronic acid. I prefer autologous fat as this is more permanent and does not degrade over time. Hyaluronic acid is less complicated as it does not require the extraction of fat, but it decomposes within a year and you have to repeat the procedure. If the labia majora is too large, it may be treated with liposuction in combination with skin removal.

Labiaplasty under general anaesthetics or under local anaesthetics?

As a rule, I perform the procedure in local anaesthesia. However, injecting the local narcotics may be a bit uncomfortable in this sensitive private area. For this reason, I offer alternatively short general anaesthesia or twilight sleep.

What are the risks of labia reduction?

Shrinking the labia is a low risk procedure if there are no adverse finding, since there are no important nerves or vessels in the area of ​​the outer labia. Initial swelling and hematoma formation are possible, but resolve within the first 2 weeks. The scar in a labia correction is usually barely visible. Depending on the excess of skin, it runs on the inner edge of the outer labia – i.e. well hidden. However, as the scarring is individually different, I recommend to treat the scar after healing regularly with scar ointment.

What should be considered postoperatively in a genital surgery?

You should abstain from sexual intercourse for about 4 to 6 weeks post-operatively as with any genital surgery. You can shower on the first day after the operation. Rest is recommended in the first days after the operation, and sports is possible after 2 weeks.

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