Vaginal tightening and vaginal rejuvenation at your specialist in Berlin

Vaginal tightening with and without surgery

Due to age or after several births, the vagina can expand. This natural process is unpleasant for many of my patients, especially during intercourse. With a so-called Colporrhaphy, in which the anterior third of the vagina is surgically narrowed, a vaginal tightening can be performed.

Vaginal tightening with surgery

The mucous membrane is superficially removed and after tightening the supporting tissue (fascia), the skin beneath the mucous membrane is sutured in such a way that a reduction in circumference of several centimetres can be achieved. In addition, the inner skin can also be tightened laterally. I use a speculum (an instrument that gynaecologists also use in their examinations) during the operation. This speculum keeps the vaginal canal open and ensures a clear view of the surgical field. Surgery can be performed while you are a wake, but I recommend twilight sleep or anaesthesia. The sutures are absorbed therefore the threads don’t need to be removed.

Postoperative treatment

The first postoperative days can be a bit uncomfortable, but usually without major pain. You can shower the day after, but allow yourself rest. Since there may be minor bleeding a few days after surgery, I recommend wearing a sanitary towel or panty liner. After about 6 weeks, the wound healing is complete and you can regain your regular life – including sports and sexual intercourse. Until then, I recommend abstinence.

Vaginal tightening without surgery

With an Exilis Elite (radiofrequency treatment with the Exilis), a slight tightening of the vagina can be achieved even without surgery.

Procedure of vaginal rejuvenation with Exilis Elite

In the first step, a gel is applied to the selected area. Subsequently, the radiofrequency device is introduced into the vagina, in order to treat the skin and mucous membrane similarly as with ultrasound. Warming the tissue to 43 degrees Celsius stimulates collagen formation and thereby tightens the skin. To get the best possible result, I recommend four treatments at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks.

Which treatment is appropriate in your individual case and makes sense, we decide after a detailed consultation or possibly in the context of a detailed preliminary examination.

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