Face lifting

  • surgery-time: 3-4h
  • general anaesthsia recommended, local possible
  • Swelling and brusing 1-2 weeks, numbness of skin up to 3 month
  • no smoking or sports for 4 weeks

In the earlier days of facial aesthetic surgery the facelift was the only way to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles. Nowadays there are many nonsurgical options such as fillers, botox, fatinjection, peelings, etc. , but still the facelift is the only way to eliminate loose or sagging skin. And of all options the facelift is the most longlasting option.

During face-lifting facial skin is tightened to achieve a more youthful appearance. When doing so the objective is not to change the patient's appearance or their "type" but primarily to lift the skin and underlying tissues and remove any excess skin. There is a wide spectrum of names covering the various types of incisions (e.g. Biolift, Softlift, S-Lift, etc.). How long the operation takes and the extent of the scarring depends on the amount of excess skin and the patient's wrinkle profile. In all cases the underlying muscle layer (SMAS) must also be tightened to achieve a permanent result. In order to achieve an additional tightening of skin in the throat area the incision must be extended into the haired area of the scalp behind the ear.

The operation is carried out under a full anaesthetic, and following this a stay of 1-2 days in the clinic is recommended. During the first few days the patient will experience mild swelling; the area around the incision should be cooled and any exertion whatsoever must be avoided. The stitches are removed after 8-10 days. Assuming the healing process goes according to plan, the patient should be socially acceptable some 2-3 weeks following the procedure.

The risks of the operation include bruising and swelling; patients always experience initial numbness of the skin in front of the ears, however this gradually declines within the first few weeks following the procedure. Scars are generally very slight and unnoticeable; however, some patients may form excessive scar tissue meaning that scars are visible for longer. Should scars remain visible for a longer period of time there are however many options for remedying this.

Face lifting