Facelift in Berlin
I stay as I am - just fresher.

Why a facelift at all?

The facial skin is exposed to various environmental influences such as UV radiation, nicotine and alcohol. At the same time, the facial muscles lose tension due to age. No matter how conscientiously countermeasures are taken with skin care: the face becomes wrinkled and less firm over time. Many patients come to our practice with the desire for a "younger" and fresher face without losing the natural character of the face and without the face making an operated impression. In a personal consultation, we work together with the patient to find the best individual solution. The aim is to specifically address the respective problem areas of the face instead of a complex face lift.

There are now many conservative treatment methods, i.e. treatments without surgery. Also with fillers or Thread lifting or the plasma pen, a certain tightening effect can be achieved. However, if there is significant excess skin, only a lifting will help.

How does a facelift work at the Plastethics Clinic in Berlin?

The facelift aims to tighten the facial skin and rejuvenate the appearance. Nothing should change fundamentally, but primarily the skin and the underlying tissue should be lifted again and excess skin removed. Our patients often opt for a combination of a facelift with a neck lift or neck lift. Forehead or eyebrow lift.

Which incision is used in a facelift or mini facelift?

There is a wide range of names for variations in the incision, eg Biolift, Softlift, S-Lift, etc. How extensive the operation and the scar must be depends on your excess skin and the wrinkle pattern. In many cases, a so-called mini facelift is sufficient to achieve the desired facial tightening and to significantly improve your own appearance with regard to wrinkles. In any case, the underlying muscle layer (SMAS) must also be tightened in order to achieve a lasting result. For an additional tightening of the neck, the scar must continue into the hairy scalp behind the ear. It is well hidden there and after healing is almost invisible.

How is the facelift surgery performed in Berlin?

I carry out the facelift operation under general anesthesia, a smaller lifting or "mini-lift" also under local anesthesia. The operation lasts between three and five hours, depending on the extent. Analgosedation/twilight sleep or general anesthesia is therefore often more comfortable for the patient. After a proper facelift, I recommend staying in the clinic for a day or two. I also do a mini lift on an outpatient basis.

To avoid major swelling after the operation, I inject a local anesthetic into the area to be treated. After the operation, the patients therefore have no pain, but there is a feeling of tension and possibly a slight pain in the ear in the area of ​​the seam. A head bandage is applied at the end of the operation to minimize swelling. After the first night in the clinic, this is removed again. The wounds are only connected with steristrips (plaster strips) on the seams and, if necessary, some tape on the chin. In the first few days there is slight swelling, the wound area should be cooled and no effort should be made. The stitches are removed after eight to ten days. If the healing process proceeds without complications, you will be "socially acceptable" again after about two to three weeks.

What are the risks and possible complications of a facelift?

Risks of face lift surgery include bruising and swelling. The face itself looks “normal” again just a few days after the operation. Bruises usually occur on the neck and occasionally on the lower jaw. There is also a feeling of numbness in the area of ​​the skin in front of the ears. This settles within the first few weeks after the operation. However, it can take a few months for the skin nerves to completely regenerate. The scars are usually very delicate and inconspicuous. However, scar formation varies greatly from person to person. If you are prone to unfavorable scarring, I can intervene to correct it as the healing process progresses.

follow-up treatment and aftercare

Patients can influence the healing process themselves by first avoiding nicotine consumption, which in the worst case can lead to gangrene necrosis. I recommend that our patients first rest and avoid stress and physical exertion. After two weeks, light sport and all everyday activities are allowed again. Only heavy physical exertion and anything with your head down (e.g. “hanging yoga”) should be avoided for six weeks. Direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible for the first six weeks after the facelift. If this cannot be avoided, only step out in the sun with a high sun protection factor. Careful showering and hair washing is allowed in the first few days after the operation. After the stitches have been removed, you can shower and bathe as normal and also cover the scars with make-up. The scars and also the facial skin should be specially cared for after the operation. I would be happy to advise you on appropriate cosmetics and scar ointment.

last updated on 15.02.2024