Forehead lift and eyebrow lift
The elegant look

Which surgery variants are available?

A forehead lift can be carried out endoscopically or via a longitudinal incision on the hairline. In less pronounced cases, I recommend the endoscopic version as it is more gentle and the hairline moves back only slightly.

For very pronounced wrinkles and excess skin with drooping eyebrows, I apply the longitudinal section. With this cut, no skin is removed, but the periosteum is relocated and the scarring causes a tightening of the forehead. With a very high hairline, therefore, the lengthwise cut is to be preferred.

Surgery has to be carried out under general anaesthesia and therefore one night in the clinic is required.

What are the risks and side effects?

The procedure can cause a numbness of the scalp, which lasts for some time. The sutures or staples remain in the hairy scalp for 12-14 days, swellings and bruising may be visible for 2 to 4 weeks.

Are the scars visible?

The scars are hidden within the hair. When skin needs to be removed, the scar runs parallel to the hairline behind the first hair roots. Thus, hair grows in front of the scar and through the scar, so that the scar can hardly be seen later.

Eyebrow-lifting as a simple alternative?

To raise only the eyebrows, a temporal lift is recommended. Here, the lateral forehead is raised via two cuts of about 3 cm in length in the hairy scalp. This procedure must also be performed under anaesthesia, since the periosteum is very sensitive. Depending on the problem, patients also like to opt for a thread lift.

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