Autologous Fat
The natural liposculpture

Injections with autologous fat have almost replaced the treatment with conventional techniques in recent years. Whether smoothing deep wrinkles in the corner of the mouth, performing chin corrections or enlarging lips and breasts: your body can be optimized with autologous fat virtually anywhere. Even scars after accidents or injuries can be filled and covered by a transplantation of autologous fat.

Autologous fat transplantation – to where it is needed …

First, fat is removed from buttocks, stomach or thighs. Special filtering processes separate it from water and blood. The pure fat can then be inserted where it is needed with delicate cannulas. Best a little more, because the body normally degrades 20 to 50 percent of the injected fat. After three months, however, this process ends definitely. If your body has decomposed too much fat at the end of this period, we can just inject some more.

Benefits over hyaluronic acid

Fat connects to its environment, stays where it should be and does not disappear. That’s the big advantage over hyaluronic acid. Amendments are only necessary when the aging process of the skin progresses or gravity takes its toll. The healing process can also be accelerated with an autologous blood treatment.

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