Plasma Pen
Corrections without surgery

Pure energy from the plasma pen

Many people mind the development of wrinkled and drooping skin around the eye and upper or lower eyelids with the onset of the natural aging process. But even if many feel unwell they shy away from consulting an expert – the fear of surgery is too big. But surgical intervention is often unnecessary in these cases. Modern medical technology makes a treatment without surgery possible.

Preventive treatment with the Plasma Pen

Originally developed for use in chronic wounds and for the disinfection of tooth root canals, the Plasma Pen allows uncomplicated corrections at the mouth and eye area. Whenever excess of skin begins to show, I like to use the Plasma Pen. It is above all a preventive treatment. Ideally, any later necessary operations will be completely avoided. The treatment is especially suitable for eyelids, wrinkles around the mouth, in the neck and cheek area, as well as for stretch marks after pregnancy.

A small flash is enough

The Plasma Pen uses the ionization of the surrounding air, especially the oxygen and nitrogen contained in it. The attending physician guides the tip of the probe over the excess skin and uses the pen to trigger targeted flashes. These “plasma flashes” consist of ionized particles – atoms, molecules and electrons from the atmosphere, which cause tissue erosion.

For example, if the upper eyelid is tightened, several small “plasma dots” are placed on the epidermis. Like that excess tissue is removed, the skin tautens as it heals and forms new collagen fibres which tightens the eyelid while killing off eventual germs. This allows a fast healing process without scarring or infection, no subsequent surgery is needed, healing is fast and free from scars.

Lasting beauty and gentleness

The treatment with the plasma pen is in my experience without complications and tissue preserving. Smaller scabs and swellings occur on the treated areas. After five to seven days, however, the swellings recede and the scab falls off. Extensive exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided and I recommend the use of sunscreen with SPF 50.

The final result can be assessed after about two to three months. If the result is not satisfactory an additional 1 to 4 treatments can be carried out at intervals of at least 12 weeks, depending on the nature of the treated skin area. In the case of upper eyelid tightening, we usually apply 1-3 treatments – with a permanent result.

Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen: Why consult a specialist?

The secret of optimal treatment is based on the combination of different therapies. I like to use the Plasma Pen in combination with hyaluronic acid and Botox. This allows me to treat each zone individually. And this wide range of therapies can only be obtained from your specialist.

What are the risks of the treatment?

Improper handling of the Plasma Pen by untrained personnel can leave scars. In any case, avoid the sun: The newly forming skin is comparable to the skin of a new born baby. A high sun protection factor is essential to avoid pigment disorders.

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