Thread lifting
Small intervention, big effect

Leave your skin (almost) alone - and just be happy...

There is an alternative to the classic Facelift, with which we have had very good experience in wrinkle treatment in our practice: the thread lift, also known as the “happy lift”. With this very gentle lifting method, we tighten the sagging skin with very small threads. Only a local anesthetic is required for this. We do not intervene in the facial contours with a thread lift.

Autonomous tissue regeneration after thread lifting

The best thing about it: On the one hand, the puncture and the thread stimulate the formation of new connective tissue. And on the other hand, due to its structure and shape, the thread also lifts slack tissue. As a result, the skin regenerates (almost) by itself, becoming firmer and firmer. At the same time, wrinkles and sagging cheeks disappear. This treatment is similar to wrinkle injections using fillers, for example adding Sculptra or Autologous fat. Therefore there is almost no downtime, only sports and sauna should be off for about a week.

Skin rejuvenation with a thread lift is easy and low-risk

The Happy-Lift is uncomplicated, painless and practically without the risk of side effects. The effect lasts about one to two years and can be repeated at any time. This treatment is particularly suitable for younger patients. Slight sagging can be remedied easily and with little risk. The measure can also be combined with other fillers and thus optimized.

At Mrs. Dr. Bodo you are in the best of hands

The thread lift is one of the absolute special treatments by Dr. Bodo, who also regularly gives lectures and conducts training courses on this topic. We look forward to your appointment question and a non-binding consultation in our Clinic.


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last updated on 26.07.2022